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Better Insights. Better Results.

In a world of growing information, Mindseye delivers a filtered view of what matters.
Rapidly Investigate

Discover the most relevant evidence in a matter of hours vs. days or weeks by leveraging the industry leading analytics platform.

Enhance Case Strategy

Automate and streamline your discovery analysis process by determining who knew what, and when.

Control Costs

Lower review and analysis of ESI by over 90% via industry leading analytics platform.

Achieve Better Outcomes

Discover More. Review Less. Advanced culling and early case assessment capabilities drive better results.

Mindseye Empowers Fortune 1000 Financial Institution to Control Data and Legal Discovery Costs

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"The appliance gives legal teams the ability to process and analyze in place – a critically important ability as international e-discovery jurisdictional issues become more complicated." - 451 Research

About US

Our mission is to help organizations make sense of the information that matters
Discover More. Review Less.

Mindseye's Patent Pending Discovery Platform provides organizations with a single, unified view of their corporate information. Our industry-leading search and analysis capabilities visually connect key patterns, relationships, and concepts to enable an in-depth understanding of the facts in a matter of hours instead of weeks. Guided by knowledge of the right information at the right time, organizations can make effective business decisions for resource estimates, strategy development, and data prioritization. The technology can be tightly integrated with an enterprise’s overall information governance practices to enable development of a more repeatable and consistent process. By providing business intelligence for legal discovery, Mindseye is in a unique position to capture knowledge from each case so that it can be used to inform decisions for future cases and an understanding of how to manage and better protect corporate information.

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