May 23, 2016

Mindseye Mobile

Mindseye Mobile

Full Featured and Ready to Travel

Mindseye Mobile delivers the powerful capabilities of the Mindseye Discovery Appliance in a portable package that’s easy to transport, setup, and use. Mindseye Mobile is built to support the technical, security, and logistical requirements of a global economy and can be purchased as part of an annual subscription or leveraged on-demand.  


Sensitive Data

Robust mobile solution puts you in control of your data.  Mindseye Mobile enables organizations to filter, analyze, and define their data while effectively addressing data protection and privacy requirements.


The perfect teammate when you need to deploy a portable yet scalable solution to meet the ever growing challenges of an FCPA investigation without sacrificing quality or control over the operation.



An ideal solution that eliminates the complexity of international eDiscovery and reduces the costs and risk associated with processing, analyzing and exporting evidence across multiple jurisdictions.

A Key Addition to the Travel Team

Mindseye Mobile smartly performs early case assessment and quickly filters data so that companies can greatly reduce the volume of data that not only leaves a company  or the country  but that is also pushed into review.