The Challenge

Currently the eDiscovery process in many organizations is similar to treating a broken leg with pain killers. Sure the pain killers will treat the near term pain but in the end they are simply addressing the symptom, when the pain killers wear off the pain always comes back. The current eDiscovery methodology is largely an event driven process built upon addressing each new matter as it arises. The growing complexity of managing data within organizations has made the process of responding to document requests a significant challenge fraught with risk, staggering costs, and unnecessary potential for exposure. Many organizations struggle to define eDiscovery as a business process and as a result process refinement and analysis are typically on a case by case basis. The complexity of records management and that lack of clearly defined processes has left organizations with an inability to budget and forecast effectively with little to no predictability from matter to matter. Many organizations continue to react to the symptoms of eDiscovery by purchasing expensive technology to manage costs, however without clear cut requirements, consistent workflow evaluation, and organizational buy-in, companies will continue to treat the symptoms and deal with the associated challenges.

The Mindseye Philosophy

Mindseye was created through real world; hands-on experience with an understanding that eDiscovery is a complex and evolving business challenge that cannot be solved by technology alone. The company philosophy maintains that the process must be addressed by a balanced and iterative blend of people, process, and technology delivered to evaluate, understand, and improve current workflows. As a team of experienced eDiscovery consultants, Mindseye brings decades of experience assisting organizations with understanding unique challenges, defining requirements, development of simplified workflow design, continuing improvement of current processes, and technology development as part of an overall process management solution. Working with Mindseye empowers organizations to maintain a repeatable business process and improve operational efficiency which in turn helps in reducing the risk, cost, and potential for exposure when supporting a discovery request.

Why Mindseye?

Mindseye is a leading provider of eDiscovery software solutions. The company’s flagship eDiscovery platform was launched in 2009 to help organizations manage risk, minimize legal exposure, and eliminate wasted time and money throughout the discovery process. Delivered through a fixed-cost licensing model or as a stand-alone eDiscovery Appliance, Mindseye is a scalable solution built on an iterative workflow design. Organizations that use Mindseye can rapidly process and use early insights gleaned from the data to make cost and resource estimates, formulate strategy and case direction, and ultimately move less but more relevant data to review.

Based on years of experience supporting organizations with data management and eDiscovery-related services, the team at Mindseye understands that people and process are vital to any successful technology initiative. The leadership team has leveraged its background in business consulting, project management, and software development to deliver simplified workflow and process management design within the Mindseye Discovery Platform. Through this design, organizations that use Mindseye are able to better measure, manage, and improve the eDiscovery process with each case, giving them greater financial predictability and control. Mindseye is an active participant in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) Project and The Sedona Conference. The company is employee owned, profitable, and has experienced consistent revenue and profit growth year over year.