May 25, 2016

Our Platform

Our Platform

What if Finding Key Facts was as Easy as Buying a Plane Ticket?

Lawsuits begin with a story and end with a story.  Imagine the power of discovering your end story at the beginning of a case.  The Mindseye  Discovery Platform transforms your imagination into reality by connecting legal teams with a simple, effective technology for visually exploring and discovering relevant storylines that will establish the narrative that guides their case.


Filter Distractions

A highly interactive and visual interface enables you to quickly navigate the people, timeframes, and topics that are important to your case.  You can easily delve into more focused views with a click of the mouse to eliminate distractions.

Understand What’s Important

Investigate case theories from every angle using advanced content and contextual analytics to uncover key evidence that will drive your end story.

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Guide Effective Strategy

In a world of electronic data, every event is a record that can support or cast doubt on a theory.  Rapidly identify and connect key evidence to establish position, plan effectively, and define favorable outcomes.

Drive Predictable Cost

Greater understanding and control over data, eliminates wasted time and shifts in strategy which equals informed decisions, better leverage, and budget predictability.