January 2, 2016

The Functional Bias and How it Affects eDiscovery

The Functional Bias — and How it Affects eDiscovery


When an organization is facing litigation or an investigation, a lot of different functions are involved: the legal department, IT, records management, and business units. Each has its own view of enterprise data and how to manage it, which effectively creates a bias. Outlining each function’s primary responsibility and their view of enterprise data may, at first glance, seem a simplistic exercise, but it’s easy to forget that a discovery matter is a disruption to non-legal functions, and keeping these differences in mind can help smooth the process. A shared view of what overall success looks like provides guidance for each group on what their role in that success is and helps ensure that all tasks are in alignment. You can even take the insight a step further and leverage it to create alignment beyond the discovery process to benefit the organization as a whole.

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