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Mindseye Discovery Platform
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  Industrial Strength Processing Engine
  • Supports 600+ file types

  • Process multiple terabytes daily

  • Detect 120+ different languages automatically

  • Identify sensitive personal data

  • Organize related content with integrated analytics

  • Deliver documented results faster

Early Case Assessment

   Understand What Matters
  • Identify core people, timeframes, and topics

  • Investigate case theories from every angle

  • Uncover key evidence via contextual analytics

  • Establish position and plan effectively

  • Develop case strategy to drive review process

  • Reduce ESI by over 90% to review what matters

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  Integrated ECA Drives Relevant Review
  • Start reviewing relevant results in just minutes

  • Manage review decisions with flexible workflows

  • Monitor real-time review performance

  • Adapt quickly to change in case requirements

  • Sample review decisions to improve quality

  • Deliver timely productions with faster review


  Confidently Meet Deadlines, Deliver Required Results
  • Define production sets

  • Build dynamic privilege rules

  • Evaluate production candidates

  • Suppress out of scope documents

  • Finalize production results

  • Produce with confidence

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